Duplex Steel Pipes and Tubes Types, Applications and Advantages

Duplex Steel Pipes and Tubes Types, Applications and Advantages.

Duplex Steel Pipes and Tubes are one of the most demanded products in the majority of the industries. Apart from popular belief that pipes and tubes have the same applications is not actually true, understanding the difference is critical for its proper application. Duplex Steel Pipes are mainly used in supplying the fluid and gas through networks in various industries. On the other hand tubes have structural applications such as machinery equipment parts, parts in various devices, etc.

Duplex Steel Pipes are available in various types like seamless pipes, welded pipes, fabricated pipes, Hot/Cold Rolled pipes, Electropolished pipes, EFW pipes, etc, similarly tubes like welded tubes, fabricated tubes, round Tubes, square tube, EFW tubes, rectangular tubes, heat exchange tubes, hollow tube, etc are available in various marketplace. All these Duplex Steel Pipes and Tubes are further available in various grades, (S32205 and S31803), sizes, shapes, specifications and dimensions like ASTM, ASME, EN, DIN, etc, all as per national and international standards.

Manufacturing Process:
Duplex Steel Pipes and Tubes are manufactured through various methods but seamless and welded are among the main methods used for manufacturing. In the Seamless method a Duplex Steel bar is heated and turned into molten material which is then forced by another rod to make the shapes cylindrical and hollow, during this process its length also increases. In Welded pipes instead of billets, flat duplex steel roll is used to manufacture them. Long strips of Duplex Steel are cut and run through a sequence of rollers and shapers that gradually bend the sides of the cylinder up to meet at the top. The two surfaces are then forced together after being heated with a high electrical charge.

Duplex Steel Pipes and Tubes are High Strength. It offers good weldability and workability. UNS S32205 Pipes and Tubes have good general corrosion resistance. Duplex Steel pipes and tubes provide resistance to chloride pitting and crevice corrosion. UNS S31803 pipes and tubes are widely used in applications where resistance from chloride stress corrosion cracking is required.

Our highly demanded Duplex Steel Pipes and Tubes are used various industries and have wide range of applications, some of which are Chemical processing equipments, oil and gas plants, food processing equipments, petroleum, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, heat exchangers, Flue gas desulfurization equipment, etc.